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Chandrayaan 2 live Video : Moon Landing PM Narendra Modi

Chandrayaan 2 live Video Chandrayaan 2 live Video : Moon Landing PM Narendra Modi
Chandrayaan 2 live Video : Moon Landing PM Narendra Modi

Chandrayaan 2 live Video: BENGALURU With a billion and more Indians waiting for the historic moonwalk by a Made-in-India probe, space scientists are holding their nerve to accomplish the feat in the wee hours of Saturday. Landing of ‘Vikram’ and the walk by rover ‘Pragyan’ are crucial as both will attempt to tread on uncharted territory — a region close to the south pole of the earth’s natural satellite.

Chandrayaan 2 Video : PM Narendra Modi

The landing will happen between 1.30 am and 2.30 am and the walk, albeit at snail’s pace, will commence at 5.30 am, both big moments for the nation as only three countries have succeeded in touching down on lunar soil — the United States, Russia and China — but none in the south pole region. This region is of interest to scientists because of the possibility of water ice being there. That could be useful for moon habitation and for making fuel for exploring Mars.

chandrayaan 2 live status

Scientists also want to look for helium-3, possibly the source of energy for the Earth’s future. The Lander and Rover are programmed to operate for several weeks. chandrayaan 2 live status

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They carry instruments that can determine the composition of moon motifs and make other measurements. And, riding a homegrown mission is the hope of a country that is constantly putting its technical skills on the world stage, all on a shoe-string budget.

chandrayaan 2 launch live

For example, Chandrayaan-II’s budget, $ 978 million, is relatively cheap compared to other space missions. It cost less than $ 1 million to make the Hollywood Pictures Interstellar of the 20th Century compared to the budget.

Chandrayaan 2 live Video

Thus, a successful landing on the moon will signal the country’s emergence as the leader of a low-budget expedition to the moon, especially at a time when NASA announced plans for an international collaborative effort half a century after the installation of American innovator Neil Armstrong. Foot on the moon It will also mark a suitable centennial anniversary for the late Doctor Vikram Sarabhai.

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As expected on Saturday’s landing, ISRO chairman Dr. K Sivan summarized the maximum vibration in the Indian Space Agency: “Everyone feels good, like everywhere else, but there is cause for concern every mission, but for the first time ever, we are trying something very complicated.”

He told the newspaper that everything was going according to plan before the historical moment and that all machinery was operating normally in Lander ‘Vikram’ and Mothership Chandrayaan II.

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Chandrayaan-2 is expected to increase scientists’ understanding of the origin of the moon, the earth and the entire solar system.

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One of the objectives of this mission is to further the exploration of Chandrayaan-1, which confirmed the presence of water on the moon in the 21st year. Of course, this made the capsule involuntary for an Indian airliner proposed to fly into Indian rocket in 2021.

chandrayaan 2 landing time
chandrayaan 2 landing time

chandrayaan 2 live status

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who joined the nation in his bid for ISRO’s success, said the mission was the best manifestation of Indian talent and consciousness of significance. “Its success will benefit billions of Indians,” he said in multiple tweet messages.

chandrayaan 2 landing time