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Ranu Mandal Aashiqui mein teri Video Song

ranu mandal aashiqui mein teri
aashiqui mein teri

Bollywood Desk. On social media, a video of a woman named Ranu Mandal had gone viral in the past while she was seen singing Lata Mangeshkar’s song A Pyaar Nagma Hai. Ranu Mandal Ka Pehla Gana Teri Meri Kahani A passenger at Ranaghat railway station in Bengal had recorded Ranu’s video and put it on social media. After the compliment of Singing, he has got his first Singing project.


Aashiqui mein teri Song

Himesh Reshammiya & Ranu Mondal Aashiqui me teri Aa aa aashiqui main teri full song Topic Covered :– ranu singer station himesh & himesh & ranu fast songs,ranu new songs.

Aashiqui mein teri Song Ranu Mandal

Ranu Mondal Record Aashiqui Mein Teri With Himesh Reshammiya | Aashiqui Mein Teri 2 song Full Video…

Ranu Mandal Aashiqui mein teri Video
Ranu Mandal Aashiqui mein teri Video