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This weekend of Bigg Boss Season 7 was quite interesting and entertaining. None of the seven people nominated at the Big House this week were eligible. It was a no-elimination weekend. Chocolates were sent inside the house as Sudeep appealed to all the housewives during the week-long storytelling this weekend. But before sending, someone in Sudeep’s house said that he would send two members if they did not want chocolate.

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Upon hearing this, Deepika Das and Chandana said, “We don’t want chocolate, send it to the rest.” Afterwards, each member of the household was sent two chocolates and Deepika and Chandana were both ordered not to share their chocolates with others. Priyanka did not pay much attention to the matter.

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During the break, he went to the other members of the house and asked everyone to give him a piece of chocolate. But none of the members of the household who were bound by the law had given Priyanka chocolate. Returning after the break, Sudeep said, “Bigg Boss’s rules are not for fun, but for a small slice of homemade dessert.” Sudeep said to Priyanka, “You are not sitting in front of me.

Priyanka then apologized for the matter, saying that she should not make a sweet miss for me and her family, and that she would no longer make such a mistake.