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Diwali 2019 Status & DP Videos Download – Pic Happy Diwali Status 

Diwali WhatsApp Status Video Free Download Download Happy Diwali Video For Your Status and Wish video for this Deepabali 2019 festival.

 Happy Diwali 2019 Whatsapp Status Video Download: – Upcoming Big Events Happy Diwali 2019.

  Happy Diwali Status Video Download for Whatsapp DP 

People of all Hindu faiths are also waiting for Deepabali. Diwali begins this year on Sunday, October 27, 2019 and Hindu people search for Happy Diwali status videos.

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,-*’^’~*-.,_,.-*~ 🎀 इस दिवाली पर हमारी दुआ है कि आपका हर सपना पूरा हो , दुनिया के ऊँचे मुकाम आपके हो 🎀 ~*-.,_,.-*~’^’*-, 

˜”*°•.˜”*°• Sending you happiness,love and smiles from the deepest depth of my heart. A very happy and prosperous Diwali. •°*”˜.•°*”˜

Raat Diwali Ki Hai Magar Kismat Mein Andhera Hai,
Na Chhate Yeh Gham Ke Badal, Na Aaya Savera Hai,
Juda Hamara Hona Yun, Likha Lakiron Mein Tha Magar,
Is Mein Kasoor Eh Sanam Na Tera Na Mere Hai.

H͎a͎v͎e͎ ͎a͎ ͎p͎r͎o͎s͎p͎e͎r͎o͎u͎s͎ ͎D͎e͎e͎p͎a͎w͎a͎l͎i͎ ͎a͎n͎d͎ ͎m͎a͎y͎ ͎t͎h͎e͎ ͎c͎o͎m͎i͎n͎g͎ ͎y͎e͎a͎r͎ ͎b͎e͎ ͎r͎e͎w͎a͎r͎d͎i͎n͎g͎.͎.͎.͎ ͎H͎a͎p͎p͎y͎ ͎D͎i͎w͎a͎l͎i͎!͎ 

 Diwali is the festival of light so we say Happy Diwali and your life will be brighter than ever.

 Diwali is celebrated after the twentieth day of the festival as Lord Ram returns to Ayodhya and from this time we celebrate the festival. 

The festival was celebrated after many centuries of change. 

This festive night, we pray to Lord Ganesh and Lakshmi Mother for our beautiful and happy life, Deepavali 2019 WhatsApp Status Video, Diwali Special WhatsApp Status Download.

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